Trump Reads Wiki-How Article on How to be a Dictator

Trump Reads Wiki-How Article on How to be a Dictator
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Former American President Donald Trump, possibly in an effort to make himself look like an even worse person, read the article “How to be a Dictator” on the website Wiki-How. This information was released by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who claims to have been monitoring the former president’s communications and web browsing activities.

An official from the FBI said they are “concerned Donald Trump may not only exploit the American presidential office by stealing money from the American people, but may also attempt to install a dictatorship that will give Trump unimaginable amounts of power until the day he dies.”

The revelation came as part of a larger investigation, dubbed "Operation Golden Goose," aimed at uncovering potential misuse of power and financial irregularities linked to the former president. According to documents leaked from the operation, Trump's browsing history included not only "How to be a Dictator" but also "Top 10 Palaces of the World," "How to Print Your Own Money," and "Ways to Make People Like You Without Really Trying."

In a hastily arranged press conference, a spokesperson for Trump dismissed the allegations as "utterly ridiculous and baseless," stating that the former president was simply conducting "research for a friend" and had "accidentally" clicked on the Wiki-How article while searching for information on "How to Dictate a Letter Like a Boss."