Pope Francis Reveals His Disdain for Puffy Coats

Pope Francis Reveals His Disdain for Puffy Coats

After a photo of Pope Francis roaming the streets of Vatican City in a puffy coat appeared online last year, Francis made his disdain for puffy coats clear at an annual meeting of religious leaders.

"I hate puffy coats," exclaimed Pope Francis. "To be seen in one should be one of the gravest sins! And let it be known that I have never worn a puffy coat. This image was in fact created by artificial intelligence."

An image then appeared on a large screen behind Pope Francis on the stage.

"No! Don't show it," yelled the pope as he shielded his eyes from the unholy image of himself wearing a puffy coat.

"If we do not regulate artificial intelligence we will only get more disgusting fake images of important people like myself wearing puffy coats," said Pope Francis without taking a millisecond to breath.

As if Pope Francis' disdain for puffy coats wasn't clear enough, he began seething at the mouth saying, "You'll see more people wearing puffy coats, as if it's normal. Obama. Elon Musk. The Clintons."

Blurred images of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Bill and Hilary Clinton wearing puffy coats flashed across the screen as Pope Francis continued, "You'll see them all wear puffy coats."

Pope Francis finally took another breath, "That's why I'm calling for leaders across the world to regulate artificial intelligence, lest you become a victim and are depicted wearing a puffy coat."

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