Local Man Finally Achieves Perfect Work-Life Balance by No Longer Going to Work

Local Man Finally Achieves Perfect Work-Life Balance by No Longer Going to Work
Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh / Unsplash

SEATTLE, WA - In need of work-life balance, local resident Stephen Ericson decided to stop going to work without notifying his employer. The incident, which began one month ago, has led to Ericson continuing to receive paychecks from his employer.

"The only time I even login to my work computer is when I fill out my timesheet," explained Ericson.

"When I first started this little experiment, I thought, 'Maybe I'll just take a day off and see how it goes,'" Ericson recounted while lounging on his couch, surrounded by empty snack wrappers. "But then I realized how much more enjoyable life is without the constant stress of deadlines and meetings."

Ericson's decision to simply stop showing up to work caught his employer, as well as his colleagues, completely off guard. "At first, we thought maybe he was just sick or something," said Ericson's supervisor, Janet Michaels. "But then a week went by, and then another, and he still hadn't shown up or called in. We were starting to get worried, until we realized he was still submitting his timesheet. It's the most passive-aggressive form of rebellion I've ever seen."

Despite his newfound freedom, Ericson insists that he's not lazy, just committed to achieving a better work-life balance. "I used to spend all my time at the office, sacrificing my personal life for the job," he explained. "But now, I've rediscovered the simple joys of life, like binge-watching TV shows and taking long naps. It's like I've been reborn."

After Ericson quit his job he has become something of a local celebrity, with many people admiring his bold decision to prioritize his own happiness over corporate obligations. "I wish I had the guts to do what he's doing," said one admirer. "But I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through him."

As for Ericson, he has no plans to return to the office anytime soon. "Life is too short to spend it doing something you hate," he declared with a contented smile. "I may not have a career anymore, but I've never been happier."

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