Feminists Declare Women can be Terrorists Too

Feminists Declare Women can be Terrorists Too
Photo by Lindsey LaMont / Unsplash

In an effort to break the glass ceiling even further, several feminist non-profit organizations have been bringing awareness to how women are rarely recruited into terrorist organizations and when they are they usually work in a less demanding capacity, as caregivers, or are simply given to men as wives.

A spokesperson from “Feminist for All,” an advocacy organization located in Washington DC, explained "the lack of gender equality in terrorist groups is a serious oversight and a missed opportunity for these organizations to demonstrate their commitment to progressive values. Just because they operate outside of societal norms doesn't mean they shouldn't strive for inclusivity and equality within their ranks," the spokesperson argued.

The campaign, cleverly named “Explosive Equality,” features a series of posters depicting women in traditionally male terrorist roles, like bomb-making and strategic planning. “Why should men get all the adrenaline-pumping jobs?” one poster questions, showing a woman gleefully wiring explosives.

The spokesperson from Feminist for All further clarified their stance, stating, "Of course, we do not condone violence or terrorism in any form. But we do think all women should know that they too can do whatever a man can do, including becoming a terrorist."

In an even bolder move, the campaign has proposed the first-ever 'Inclusive Terrorism Award', which would recognize terrorist groups that have made strides toward gender equality. Criteria for the award includes diversity in recruitment, equal opportunity in leadership roles, and comprehensive health benefits, including maternity leave. While it's unclear whether any terrorist group will actually aim to obtain this award, the campaign has certainly succeeded in stirring up conversation and making people rethink the meaning of equality.

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