Biden Discovers He's President on 81st Birthday After Seeing 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President!' Sign

Biden Discovers He's President on 81st Birthday After Seeing 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President!' Sign

Washington, D.C. — In what political historians are calling an unprecedented revelation, President Joe Biden reportedly discovered he was the President of the United States on his 81st birthday, thanks to a sign held by White House aides that read, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President!"

Sources close to the White House report that Biden, upon entering the Oval Office and seeing the sign, turned to an aide with a look of astonishment and asked, "Mr. President? Are we having a guest I should know about?" The aide, stifling a chuckle, gently reminded Biden that he was, in fact, the President.

Witnesses described a moment of comedic disbelief as Biden processed the information, followed by a hearty laugh. "Well, that's a relief," Biden reportedly said, "I thought I was just really popular around here for some reason."

The President's discovery quickly became a sensation on social media, with the hashtag #BidenBirthdayRevelation trending worldwide. Users shared humorous takes on what they would do if they suddenly found out they were President, ranging from declaring national holidays for their birthdays to ordering a lifetime supply of their favorite ice cream.

In a playful press statement, the White House acknowledged the humorous incident, stating, "The President was well aware of his role but appreciated the birthday reminder. He will continue leading the nation, now with an extra spring in his step from all the birthday wishes."

Political satirists and late-night talk show hosts had a field day with the story, with one comedian joking, "I guess we now have an answer to the question: What do you get the man who forgets he has everything?"

The festivities concluded with Biden jokingly asking if the Vice President was aware she was second in command, to which Kamala Harris responded with a laugh, "I'll check the signs around my office, just to be sure."

The White House assured the public that this humorous episode in no way reflects the President's capability to lead, but rather adds a charming anecdote to his legacy. As for Biden, he was last seen pondering over a piece of birthday cake, remarking, "If I'm President, does that mean I get a bigger slice?"

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