Biden Administration Replaces Kamala Harris with Dead Plant

Biden Administration Replaces Kamala Harris with Dead Plant
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As polls show that the Biden Administration's popularity ratings have been rapidly declining, the Administration has opted to remove Vice President Harris from office and replace her with one of the plants from Biden's Delaware home. Unfortunately, Biden has forgotten to water the plant for some time. As a result, the leaves of the plant recently began dying.

The change in leadership has gone largely unnoticed in the White House, with many staffers blissfully unaware of the plant's sudden promotion to the second-highest office in the land. Lorraine Voles, who was formerly Kamala Harris' Chief of Staff and is now the plant's Chief of Staff, shared her perspective on the unexpected shift in leadership.

"It's been a surprisingly smooth transition," Voles commented with a strangely upbeat tone. "The office seems to be running more efficiently than usual, and the new Vice President doesn't seem to engage in lengthy debates or awkward photo ops. Plus, the dead plant is remarkably low maintenance."

Indeed, the dead potted plant has proven to be a quiet, low-profile addition to the administration. It doesn't tweet, hold press conferences, or even require a salary. Its ability to avoid gaffes and controversies is unmatched by any human counterpart.

While it remains to be seen how this unconventional leadership change will impact the administration's policies and decision-making, it is clear that the dead potted plant is making a strong case for itself as the ultimate "steady hand" in the White House.

Only time will tell if the Biden Administration's gamble will pay off, but for now, the dead potted plant remains the most unassuming Vice President in history, quietly dying away in the corner of the Oval Office along with Joe Biden.

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