10 Things Only People Who Hate Mornings Understand

10 Things Only People Who Hate Mornings Understand
Photo by Gregory Pappas / Unsplash

For those who hate mornings, each day starts with its own set of trials and tribulations. But you’re not alone in the struggle against the sunrise. Here are 10 things only people who hate mornings will understand.

The Snooze Button is Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Every morning, the snooze button offers you a few more precious minutes of sleep. It's a love-hate relationship where the snooze button is both a savior and a perpetual enabler of your morning misery.

The First Alarm is Just a Warning

The first alarm isn’t really meant to wake you up; it's more of a heads-up that the real battle is about to begin. It's the starting gun for the snooze marathon that follows.

Coffee Isn’t Just a Beverage; It’s a Lifeline

Before the first cup of coffee, everything is more challenging. The coffee machine is less of a kitchen appliance and more of a survival tool.

The Thought of Breakfast is the Only Motivation to Leave Bed

The promise of a good breakfast can sometimes be the only thing powerful enough to lure you out from under the covers. Whether it’s pancakes or just a favorite cereal, it’s the morning’s saving grace.

Getting Dressed is Like Solving a Math Problem

Choosing what to wear in the morning is a cognitive challenge comparable to high-level mathematics. Decisions are hard when you're not fully awake.

People Who Are Cheerful in the Morning Seem Like a Different Species

Early birds chatting happily while you’re struggling to form coherent thoughts seem almost alien. How do they do it?

Morning Meetings Are Torture

Scheduling a meeting first thing in the morning should be outlawed. Participating in a discussion while your brain is booting up is the worst kind of multitasking.

“Early to Bed, Early to Rise” Makes No Sense

This saying must have been invented by someone who never experienced the horror of a cold, dark morning. Early to bed just means more time lying awake dreading the morning.

The Commute is a Time Warp

Morning commutes have a surreal quality. Everyone is part zombie, part caffeinated drone, navigating through traffic or crowded public transport. It’s a miracle anyone gets to work on time.

The Jealousy of Night Owls

While everyone talks about the beauty of sunrises and the freshness of an early start, all you feel is envy for those who can embrace the night and sleep in without guilt.

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