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In Response to Trump’s Lawyer’s Argument that President can Kill Political Rivals, Justices Say President is Only able to Kill Three Political Rivals in One Term
WASHINGTON, DC - In response to former President Trump’s lawyer’s “hypothetical” argument that the President is legally allowed to kill political opponents, Supreme Court justices agreed that the president is legally allowed to kill political rivals, as long as there is no more than three political rivals killed in one
Local Man Discovers Hidden Portal to Neighbor’s Garage – Claims He’s ‘Just Borrowing Some Tools’
In a neighborhood that was previously known for its picket fences and well-tended lawns, residents are now grappling with a rather unusual situation. Local man Harold Thompson has allegedly stumbled upon a hidden portal in his backyard that leads directly into his neighbor’s garage, and he insists that he’s simply
Help. I’m Trapped! 10 Ways to Get Out of a Boring Conversation
Adam Johns was attending a business dinner recently when the man next to him began to drone on about annuities and asset allocation. Ten minutes in, Johns had enough. But he didn’t know how to escape the situation. Here are ten ways to get out of a boring conversation in

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