Sep 23, 2023

RT reports that Russian Civil Rights Leader Stabbed Himself in Back 20 Times

RT, a news company funded by the Russian government, ran a story on Wednesday morning, reporting that Oleg Kuznetsov, a prominent civil rights leader in Russia was found dead 13 miles from the Kremlin with 20 stab wounds in his back. According to RT, the civil rights leader was suffering from depression and killed himself by stabbing himself in the back 20 times with a Russian military issued knife. Western media outlets are skeptical that Kuznetsov killed himself, citing the impossibility of stabbing oneself in the back 20 times.

However, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, criticized the western media Wednesday afternoon. Putin stated that "Ivanakov was a depressed man. Anyone that rallies against the state and my government clearly has issues with the progress our great nation has made and should be put to dea... I mean depressed people often come up with clever ways to kill themselves in order to hide their depression from others."