Oct 31, 2023

Man Carves Lover’s Face into Pumpkin with Exquisite Skill, Realizes He’s a Month Late to the Party

In a display of dedication and artistic talent gone hilariously wrong, resident Jerry Thompson, 29, set out to carve his lover’s face into a pumpkin, only to realize that he may have gotten a little too carried away with the details—and the timeline.

Thompson, known among friends for his meticulous nature and questionable understanding of calendars, decided to embark on a romantic journey of squash-based portraiture. His goal was simple: to capture the ethereal beauty of his girlfriend, Melissa, in the fleeting canvas of a pumpkin. However, as the hours turned into days, Thompson’s quest for perfection became a race against the rotting clock.

Armed with an array of carving tools that would make a surgeon jealous, Thompson diligently worked to ensure every eyelash was accounted for, every dimple was perfectly placed, and Melissa’s radiant smile was captured in all its glory. He toiled away, oblivious to the passage of time and the increasingly concerned messages from friends and family.

“I started to get worried when he missed our weekly game night,” shared Thompson’s best friend, Mark. “He’s usually the first one there, ready to argue about the rules. But he just texted saying, ‘In the zone. Carving perfection.’”

As Thompson carved away, the world outside continued to turn, leaves fell, and Halloween came and went. By the time Thompson put down his carving tools, basking in the glory of his pumpkin masterpiece, he was met with a harsh reality: he had missed Halloween entirely.

Melissa, whom Thompson’s artistic endeavor had initially touched, was left puzzled by the final reveal in mid-November. “I mean, it’s a stunning carving. It looks just like me,” she admitted, staring at the now decidedly out-of-season pumpkin. “But why did it take him a month? Halloween was weeks ago.”

Thompson, seemingly unaware that pumpkin carving is generally considered a seasonal activity, was unfazed by the timing of it all. “I wanted it to be perfect,” he explained with a shrug. “Great art takes time, you know? Plus, I’m pretty sure this sets a new record for the world’s latest pumpkin carving.”

While the pumpkin itself was, in fact, a masterful work of art, it was also on the fast track to becoming a mushy pile of compost. Neighbors reported a noticeable aroma in the air, a fragrant mixture of pride and poor timing.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know pumpkins could last that long,” remarked one baffled neighbor. “It’s impressive and kind of horrifying at the same time.”

In the end, Melissa embraced the quirky spirit of Thompson’s belated Halloween gesture, placing the pumpkin on their porch as a testament to his dedication (and perhaps as a reminder to buy a calendar).

“It’s a story to tell,” Melissa laughed. “I just hope next time he decides to do something romantic, he checks the date first.”

As for Thompson, he’s already planning his next grand romantic gesture. Rumor has it, he’s considering ice sculpture for Valentine’s Day. Here’s hoping he remembers that ice melts—and that Valentine’s Day is in February.