Oct 25, 2023

Local Woman Appointed “McSavior” After Realigning the Tilted “M” on McDonald’s Sign

McCityville – Amidst the glow of golden arches, local McDonald’s employee, Linda McPerfect, has been hailed a hero after courageously fixing the slightly tilted “M” on the store’s iconic sign. Overnight, Linda has become the face of hope in a world where uneven fast-food logos threatened the very fabric of society.

From Happy Meal Heroics to Sign Sainthood

Linda, who started her career diligently ensuring every Happy Meal box smiled just right, made headlines last Tuesday. Witnesses say they saw her, armed with nothing but a broomstick and pure determination, nudging the off-kilter sign to its rightful, upright glory.

Arch Supporter

While many drive-thru daydreamers had noticed the slight tilt, none possessed the audacity to address this glaring imperfection. Linda, however, couldn’t stand idly by. "Every time I handed out a McFlurry, that slanted M haunted me," she confessed. "I had to act."

Golden Recognition

McCityville's Mayor McBurger held a special ceremony to honor Linda's valiant efforts. The city square echoed with chants of "Straighten the M!" as she was awarded the prestigious “Golden Fry” trophy. Linda is now affectionately known as the “McSavior,” and whispers around town suggest a statue in her honor is in the works.

Future Endeavors

Riding this wave of fame, Linda has announced her next mission: a crusade against the slightly off-center toilet paper rolls in the restroom. She vows to tackle this menace head-on, ensuring every roll hangs with geometric precision.