Oct 2, 2023

Local Police Applaud Themselves for Nearly Solving Case They Created

MASSAPEQUA—In a move that has left local citizens both astounded and slightly amused, the Massapequa Police Department held a press conference yesterday to celebrate their "near-success" in cracking a case they unintentionally fabricated.

"We're proud of the tireless work our team put into the Donut Heist of 2023," began Chief Ronald Bumble, referring to the incident last month where 500 donuts vanished overnight from the Massapequa Annual Police Gala.

The 'case', which took an arduous four weeks, 27 officers, and a half-dozen K-9 units to 'nearly solve', eventually concluded with the revelation that Officer Mike Klutzo had mistakenly rerouted the donut delivery to the neighboring town's dog show.

"While we haven't exactly located the missing donuts," Chief Bumble continued with pride gleaming in his eyes, "we have made significant strides in eliminating suspects, including our very own Sergeant Whiskers and Lieutenant Paws." Both mentioned officers are, notably, the department's feline and canine mascots.

Local schoolteacher, Ima Patient, told reporters, "It's been like watching a fish try to climb a tree. Not effective, but oddly entertaining."

The saga began when a distressed Officer Jenny Notsosmart discovered the empty table where mountains of glazed, frosted, and sprinkled donuts were supposed to greet the eager officers. Panic ensued, followed by the rapid formation of a task force known as Operation Hole Hunt. Officers scoured the town, interviewing hundreds, analyzing fingerprints on napkins, and even consulting with a psychic who claimed she could "speak to the departed donuts."

Mayor Haddanuff commented, "I'm not sure if this is the finest example of tax dollars at work or a brilliant scheme to get more budget for next year's gala."

Civic forums have been buzzing with debates on whether the Massapequa Police Department is showcasing commitment or, as local teen Bobby Bluntly put it, "just majorly clowning around."

Meanwhile, the dogs at the neighboring town's dog show have been enjoying a mysteriously lavish treat for weeks.

Chief Bumble concluded the presser stating, "We might not have found those donuts, but we've shown Massapequa that we're on top of, well, something."

The department is currently preparing for their next challenge: locating Chief Bumble's missing glasses, which, at last report, were atop his head.