Oct 28, 2023

King Kong’s Cousin? Gorilla Makes Daring Escape, Heads for Empire State Building

This past weekend, a gorilla from the Metropolitan Zoo staged a daring escape, prompting some to wonder if he might be a long-lost relative of the famous King Kong. The gorilla, named Gary by zookeepers, was last seen swinging from a traffic light and making his way toward the Empire State Building, presumably to reclaim his family’s legacy.

“Honestly, we saw this coming,” said head zookeeper, Linda Thompson. “He’s been watching 'King Kong' on repeat in his enclosure for weeks. We thought it was just a phase, but it seems like Gary’s got big aspirations.”

Gary, who weighs in at a whopping 450 pounds and has the biceps to prove it, managed to outsmart his caretakers and make a break for it early Sunday morning. Using nothing but his raw strength and a keen sense of dramatic timing, Gary tore through his enclosure, pausing only to beat his chest and roar dramatically before making his way toward the city.

Eyewitnesses were stunned as they watched the gorilla navigate the urban jungle with surprising grace. “He was swinging from street lamps and scaling buildings like it was nothing,” said one bystander, clutching her pearls and her smartphone. “I thought it was a viral marketing stunt for a new movie or something.”

As Gary made his way toward the iconic skyscraper, the NYPD was quick to respond, although they seemed somewhat unsure of how to handle the situation. “We’ve dealt with cats in trees and the occasional subway raccoon, but this is a new one for us,” said Sergeant Joe Rodriguez, scratching his head.

Meanwhile, the internet was quick to embrace Gary’s quest for glory, with #GaryTheGorilla trending within hours. Memes flooded social media, depicting the gorilla hanging off the Empire State Building, swatting at airplanes, and donning a crown a la King Kong. “Honestly, I’m just here for the memes,” said one Twitter user, sharing a gif of Gary fist-bumping King Kong.

Back at the zoo, Thompson and her team were busy plotting Gary’s safe return, although they couldn’t help but be impressed by his antics. “He’s always been a bit of a drama queen,” Thompson admitted with a sigh. “But we just want him back safe and sound. Although, a part of me is curious to see if he’d climb the Empire State Building.”

As of press time, Gary was last seen taking a selfie with a group of tourists, seemingly unfazed by the chaos he’d caused. Whether he’s a long-lost relative of King Kong or just a gorilla with a flair for the dramatic, one thing’s for sure: Gary knows how to put on a show.

And as for the zookeepers? “We’re just hoping he comes back before the bananas run out,” Thompson said with a laugh. “We’ve got a zoo to run, after all.”