Oct 23, 2023

Infernal Blunder: Local Book Club's Recipe Mishap Summons Demon, Demon Regretfully Declines Membership Citing 'Insufficient Chaos'

The usually uneventful Tuesday evening meeting of the "Dewey Decimators," a local book club renowned for its fierce debates over bookmarks versus dog-eared pages, took a fiery turn this week. The literary collective unintentionally summoned a demon from the deepest pits of hell, all thanks to a grievous misinterpretation of a recipe for “Heavenly Hotpot” in their latest culinary compendium, "Apocalyptic Appetizers: End-of-the-World Entrees."

"Who could have guessed a dash of souls wasn't a metaphor for something exotic like saffron?" commented club president Gertrude Masterson, who also noted that the cookbook, purchased in the backroom of a seedy curio shop, might have warranted closer scrutiny.

The summoned entity, a demon named Azaraphale (no relation to the famous angel), appeared in a whirlwind of fire and brimstone, ready to harvest the souls of the innocent. Instead, he was immediately offered a membership form and asked his opinions on the Oxford comma.

Taken aback by the lack of screaming and the aggressive hospitality, Azaraphale reportedly expressed his polite decline for membership. "It's charmingly quaint, really," he said, skimming the club's bylaws, "but there isn't enough pandemonium for my taste. We have a strict 'chaos quota' down in hell."

Before making his dramatic, smoke-filled exit (slightly hampered by the low ceiling), the demon was coaxed into a group photo and asked to sign a copy of "Apocalyptic Appetizers." He also corrected the misinterpreted recipe, which required a 'dash of sole' - the fish, not the spiritual essence.

The "Dewey Decimators" have unanimously voted to stick to e-books, citing a new "no-brimstone" policy. Azaraphale, meanwhile, has been fielding questions from the underworld about his 'book club visitation' and is considering launching a podcast titled "Hell's Kitchen: Literary Edition."