Sep 30, 2023

Evangelicals and Donald Trump: A Match Made in Heaven... or Somewhere Else?

In the hallowed halls of American politics, few relationships have been as intriguing (or eyebrow-raising) as the one between Evangelicals and former President Donald Trump. It's a match that has left many scratching their heads and others fervently believing it was heaven-sent. Let's take a satirical peek into this holy alliance.

Evangelicals' Quest for the Chosen One:

It's a well-known fact that Evangelicals are on a never-ending quest for the "Chosen One" who will lead them to the promised land of conservative policies and biblical values. Enter Donald J. Trump, a man known more for real estate and reality TV than religious piety. But hey, close enough, right?

Trump's Evangelical Conversion:

Who can forget the miraculous transformation of Trump, from playboy billionaire to champion of Christian values? It's like a reverse Saul-to-Paul story, except instead of seeing a blinding light on the road to Damascus, Trump saw the light when he realized that Evangelicals were a valuable voting bloc.

The Divine Art of Political Barter:

In the world of Evangelical politics, it's all about the art of the deal. Trump offered Evangelicals Supreme Court justices and pro-life policies, and in return, he received unwavering support and, well, votes. It's a divine barter system where political favors are the currency of righteousness.

The Prosperity Gospel of Trumpism:

The prosperity gospel has nothing on Trumpism. Under Trump's presidency, the stock market soared, and Evangelicals saw their portfolios grow fatter than a goose before Christmas. Clearly, God's favor was shining upon those who followed the path of Trump.

The "Thou Shalt Not Question" Commandment:

In this unlikely alliance, there's an unspoken commandment: "Thou shalt not question Trump." Evangelicals who dared to question the man who boasted about grabbing women were swiftly castigated as heretics. Loyalty to Trump became a litmus test of faith, and some were excommunicated from the Church of MAGA.

The Spiritual Gymnastics Routine:

Perhaps the most impressive feat of this partnership is the sheer amount of spiritual gymnastics required to reconcile Trump's personal behavior with Evangelical values. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, except with moral values and political expediency.


The alliance between Evangelicals and Donald Trump is a truly unique spectacle in American politics, combining elements of faith, politics, and, well, some interesting stretches of logic. Whether you see it as divine intervention or political pragmatism, there's no denying that this relationship has left its mark on both Evangelicalism and American politics. As for the moral of the story, it's open to interpretation, much like a particularly cryptic passage from the Good Book.