Sep 27, 2023

Donald Trump's New Bestseller: 'The Art of the Big Mac Deal


*Mar-a-Lago, FL* - Former President Donald Trump is back with a literary masterpiece that's already making headlines – "The Art of the Big Mac Deal." In this groundbreaking book, Trump dives headfirst into the complex world of fast food and takes readers on a cholesterol-laden journey through the world of hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes.

It seems that the former Commander-in-Chief has found a new calling: fast-food diplomacy. In "The Art of the Big Mac Deal," Trump lays out his revolutionary approach to international relations through the lens of fast food. According to the book's blurb, readers can expect to discover Trump's secrets for negotiating with foreign leaders over a basket of chicken nuggets.

"I've always said that I make the best deals, and that includes deals with the drive-thru window," Trump declared during a recent book signing event at his Mar-a-Lago estate. "This book is a game-changer – it's like 'The Art of the Deal,' but with more ketchup."

The book is filled with anecdotes of Trump's fast-food adventures, including the time he reportedly negotiated a groundbreaking trade deal with China while sharing an order of McDonald's apple pies. According to Trump, "Nothing says 'Let's Make a Deal' like a McFlurry."

Critics have been quick to point out that "The Art of the Big Mac Deal" lacks the depth and substance expected from a presidential memoir. Instead, it offers nuggets of wisdom like "When in doubt, supersize it," and "French fries are the key to world peace."

In a surprising twist, the book includes a chapter on Trump's imaginary burger-based cryptocurrency called "TrumpCoin." While experts have dismissed it as pure fantasy, some enthusiasts have reportedly tried to invest their life savings in it, hoping for a return in Monopoly money.

Despite the book's culinary focus, Trump hasn't ruled out the possibility of applying his fast-food diplomacy in the political arena. Rumors suggest he's considering launching a "McDonald's Caucus" in Congress, where lawmakers would debate important issues while indulging in Happy Meals.

As "The Art of the Big Mac Deal" continues to fly off the shelves, Trump's literary journey into the world of fast food appears to be just beginning. Who knows what the future holds – perhaps "The Art of the Big Mac Deal: The Sequel" will explore the delicate nuances of the breakfast menu or the mysteries of the McFlurry machine. One thing's for sure: Trump's love for fast food is anything but small.