Oct 29, 2023

Colorado University O-Line Changes Name to 'The Welcome Mat' in Honor of Shedeur Sanders

Boulder, Colorado-Colorado University football team's offensive line has officially changed their name to 'The Welcome Mat' in honor of their star quarterback Shedeur Sanders, son of head coach Deion Sanders. This surprising decision comes after a recent 28-16 loss to UCLA, where Sanders spent more time on the ground than upright.

The name change was announced during a somber press conference held by the offensive line, which included statements like, "We thought 'The Welcome Mat' was a fitting name since we practically rolled out the red carpet for defenders to sack Shedeur," and, "Our performance has been so lackluster that we might as well embrace our true purpose – making opposing defenses feel at home in our backfield."

Coach Deion Sanders, often known for his flashy personality, seemed oddly unfazed by the announcement. When asked about the change, he simply stated, "Well, at least now we're being honest about our offensive line's hospitality."

'The Welcome Mat' offensive line has certainly lived up to its name this season, allowing defenders to stroll through like invited guests at a garden party. Their performance has been so porous that some fans have taken to tailgating behind the line of scrimmage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action up close.

In an attempt to improve their game, 'The Welcome Mat' has decided to take inspiration from their new namesake and engage in some off-field training. "We're thinking of investing in a 'How to Be More Welcoming' seminar," said one of the linemen, "because, let's face it, we need all the help we can get."

The name change has sparked a flurry of memes and jokes on social media, with many fans suggesting that the offensive line should wear welcome mats as capes during games to fully embrace their new identity.

While the Colorado University football team may be struggling on the field, at least they can take pride in their unique rebranding effort. Only time will tell if 'The Welcome Mat' offensive line will live up to its new name and start offering defenders warm cups of tea in the backfield.